We have an expert team that
specializes in the architecture,
designing and development
of mobile apps.
CEO Softcenters Inc. enables
high technology companies
expand their development and
QA teams, solve critical issues
and meet milestone deadlines
at globally competitive prices.

CEO Softcenters Inc. is a world-class
software development and product
engineering company, helping
high-technology companies tap global
engineering talent and leverage their
investments. We direct the teams
through seasoned Technical Directors
based in California. Our experience
includes delivering state-of-the-art
products in areas such as video
management systems, fiber optic
communications equipment, electronic
design automation (EDA), wireless
surveillance system, customer-focused
website and portal with community
boards and PDA software.

Our model is simple. We put together
teams of engineers with the expertise
that you need dedicated to your
project. The net effect is that we can
help you stay competitive, expand your
business and reduce your operating
costs, thus improving your profit
margins as your business grows.

An App that reconnects
your  alumni
Alum-life is mobile
platform that provides
universities with an
additional medium to
communicate with their
alumni and also enables alumni to reconnect
with their peers.
The system consists of three parts:
  • the connections to the
    universities' existing alumni
  • a website with an administration
    console from which content can
    be managed; and
  • a mobile app (currently available
    on iPhone and Droid) that allows
    alumni to search for information.
Universities can either select from
our menu of features or we can
build custom functionality to their